celebrate, toast

For the discerning couple, workmanship, skill and mastery of this delicate art is not a costing debate

Your cake is the second symbol of your unity (wedding bands being the first). Traditionally the wedding cake has a long standing symbol for the newlyweds dating back to the Roman Empire, with breaking the specially made bread for the occasion over the brides head to symbolise fertility and long life together, and eagerly the guests would gather the crumbs. After the cake cutting ceremony, the couple proceed to feed one other from the first slice. This provides another lovely piece of symbolism, the mutual commitment of bride and groom to provide for one another…….

Providing the quote would largely depend on the number of guests to be served and whether it is to be served as dessert or coffee.  Generally a serve starts from $4.50 coffee size. The other aspects that affect pricing are the flavour, shape, design, complexity and intricacy etc etc.

Ideally, the best outcome for the final cost would best work once I understand your budget, this will allow me to provide a design that will match your affordability and create the cake you desire without disappointment.

Some options to consider may be: fresh flowers vs moulded, or using fewer moulded sugar flowers, substitute a cake layer with styrofoam to add height, variable icing techniques for example stencilling vs piping and many more. Using alternative options by no means “is a compromise on quality to achieve your dream cake”.