cake samples

We have a range of cake flavours available

Traditional and famous “mud” of the modern day:

Chocolate, white chocolate, caramel, marble mud (combination of white and chocolate swirls)

– A variety of flavours can be added to the dark chocolate or white chocolate to add to the blend eg Jaffa mud ( orange enhanced ), cherry ripe ( coconut and sour cherries), or raspberry in either dark or white chocolate, passionfruit and coconut white….just some varieties available.

Don’t forget the old traditional fruit cake, I have a long standing historical fruit cake recipe that is rich and dark and has been passed on from a reputable source and have used it for many years and always gets raving results. The value of the fruit cake is that it keeps for a very long time and the older the better, [as is with wine] and having this as your base cake, allows that extra time that requires added skill of extension or bridgework or filigree and lace work. These skills are diminishing with the commotion of today’s lifestyle. However, if you are a bride with an old fashioned appeal, I can include such work using mud cake but bearing in mind it would only be on a minimal area due to short longevity of the mud cake or any other not allowing for these intricacies to be worked on for hours even days.

European delights:
Genoise /Jaconde sponge; hazelnut/walnut/chocolate/ mocha gateaux and many more. These are best served as dessert rather than coffee servings because of their light texture.

Creative options:
Rainbow, checkered ( two or three toned), red velvet, Madeira and so on.

All cakes are either pre-covered in chocolate ganache ( dark or white depending on the flavour of cake), or butter cream followed by fondant icing. Other finishings can also be achieved.

The European cake flavours can be filled with flavoured butter cream – eg. Hazelnut praline, coffee infused, rum or chocolate are just some suggestions.

If you have a favourite recipe of your own, I can work with that as well. Any specific suggestions will be considered, including gluten free (a classic is white choc, coconut and raspberry jelly and lime). Using nuts as substitute for flour, gives it a moist and flavoursome result.

I believe a great tasting cake is a memorable one, I pride myself in achieving great compliments each and every time.

As I work with nuts in my kitchen, it is difficult to genuinely affirm that no traces of nuts are found in my cakes, so please be mindful of this if nuts are to be avoided.